M134 General Electric Minigun

$749,000.00 $595,000.00

Quite possibly the most deadliest infantry weapon ever designed.

The M134 General Electric Minigun is an incredibly badass-looking gun with the capacity of firing up to one hundred and sixty six times (166 rounds) PER SECOND!

It costs about $3,500 per minute to shoot this gun and you will need an extensive mounting system.

Please DO NOT bother me if you are just a looky loo…

MUST prove you have a Class 2 Permit in order to buy!


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The National Firearms Act states that any fully automatic weapons constructed before 1986 are legal for a civilian possessing a Class 2 permit to own.

The few miniguns that were on the market by then remained legal, and have been circulating around the country for years.

No crimes have ever been reported committed by a minigun-wielding criminal

Yes, its legal to own this Sally so just settle down!

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