XL18 The Worlds Most Powerful Flamethrower! (110ft)

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The all new XL18 Flamethrower
This flamethrower was designed to deliver maximum firepower downrange
110ft+ range
.5 GPS (gallons per second)
Napalm compatible

Upgrade to the Pyro Package for an extra $250:

The Pyro Package includes Napalm Mix and an extra CO2!

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We cannot overstate the importance of destroying the horrifying bee menace. As a potent combination of “deadly” and “too small to shoot,” the Africanized Honey Bee is quite possibly mankind’s most dangerous enemy. Enter the flamethrower: your first, last, and only line of defense against the black and yellow hordes. In 1968, Brazilian firefighters armed with flamethrowers defended a group of children from the onslaught of buzzing death. This is apparently not an uncommon happening in nations fighting off the advancing bee legions.


45 lbs
36 x 16 x 16 in
The XL18 can use any commonly available liquid fuel. For best results without napalm, diesel produces maximum range and the longest burn times.
With napalm, 70% diesel and 30% gasoline mixture works well.
Fuel Capacity
3.3 gallons (12.5 litres)
Operating pressure
<1,000 PSI
Max Range
110ft (33.5m) achieved with standard tip and 70% diesel and 30% gasoline mix at 500psi
4ft high pressure hose with swivel mount
Each flamethrower is equipped with specialized high pressure O-Rings tailored exclusively for flame throwing fuel. Eliminates the chance of seal degradation and leaks.
-Windproof -Push button start for ease of lighting -Pressure regulated to burn in all directions -Turn knob to release butane -Push ignitor button to ignite flame and close knob to turn off.

Color comes in black or green only

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